July 11, 2002

The French have Yopy Linux in their pockets

Announced at CeBIT 2001, hailed by the international press and much sought after by PDA enthusiasts, the multimedia Linux Color PDA, Yopy, developed by Korean company G.Mate is being distributed in France by start-up Tuxmedia.
The Yopy PDA uses the Linux OS developed by G.Mate, Linupy (tm) and boasts a built-in keyboard. Yopy integrates the functions of Internet and email access, digital voice recorder, MP3 (audio) and MPEG (video) player, video games, plus a full set of PDA applications, all within a smart slim-line clamshell design.

Running on a powerful Intel 206 MHz StrongARM processor, the Yopy offers a 3.5 inch 240 x 320 pixel resolution 16 bit TFT display. Like most PDA's the Yopy is controlled by means of a stylus , but also offers a unique built-in calculator-style keyboard and a 4-way navigation pad which is particularly useful for games.

Using Linux as its operating system the Yopy takes advantage of the hype surrounding the impact this OS has encountered in the PC world and more recently among PDA users. The choice of Linux allows Yopy to easily access the constantly expanding library of applications available via Open Source. According to Tuxmedia, generic Linux applications can be easily ported to the Yopy within a couple of hours, sometimes less. The company intends to make applications in French available for download directly from their site this summer. The Yopy will therefore shortly benefit from a comprehensive library of programmes in French to complement those already available in English.

Yopy is a true pocket-sized device measuring 101.6 x 68.58 x 15.24 mm and weighing only 168 grams. It offers maximum mobility (approximately 16 hours' autonomy) with a 1280mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. This compact device has plenty of space to run its many applications with 64MB of RAM and 16 MB of ROM ; including PIM applications such as schedule, contacts and tasks, as well as a web-browser, email client, MP3 player, voice recorder, note pad and image pad. In addition, Yopy includes an engineering calculator, several games, handwriting recognition software and a combined file manager and control center . These features make it the most high-performance compact multimedia PDA available.

As for communications, synchronization and expansion features, the Yopy has a USB cradle, a 115 KBps IR port and an MMC (Mutlimedia Card) expansion card slot. It synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes and also provides an RS-232 serial interface for those who can't synchronize the PDA using a USB connection.

Distributed in France by Tuxmedia, a start-up created by a group of Yopy and Linux enthusiasts, the PDA will initially be marketed to Linux users and programmers and those who wish to discover the Linux operating system with this smart tool. Tuxmedia aims to reach a broader public with the Yopy as the Linux developer community grows.

The Yopy retails at 500 euros excluding taxes and can be purchased directly from the Tuxmedia website at www.tuxmedia.com.

Technical specifications :

  • CPU: 206 MHz Strong ARM 32-bit RISC processor
  • OS : ARM Linux (Linupy TM), X window System X11R-, Gnome & GTK+V1.2.10
  • Memory : RAM 64MB, 16MB ROM
  • Display:
  • 3.5 inch "True Color" (65K) TFT LCD
  • 240x320 pixel resolution
  • 64K colors
  • (To achieve compact design and longer battery usage (16 hrs), the Yopy is made without backlight support).
  • IrDA port, supports SIR (up to 115.2 Kbps) and FIR (4Mbps)
  • RS232C serial port
  • USB port, up to 12 megabits/sec data rate
  • 16-bit stereo sound CODEC
  • Built-in speaker and microphone plus audio in/out jacks
  • CompactFlash Type II slot for memory or I/O expansion
  • Size: 6.9cm wide x 10.3cm long x 2cm high
  • Battery: 1280 mAh rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery
  • Quick start and scroll buttons simplify use
  • Docking cradle includes RS232C and USB ports for synchronizing with PC; provides automatic battery recharge
  • Applications included: PIMS (schedule,Contacts, Tasks); Web browser; email; MP3 Player / Voice Recorder / Note Pad / Image Pad; Calculator; games; hand writing recognition s/w; file manager; control center

Sites : www.yopy.com ; www.tuxmedia.com (in French); www.gmate.com

Yopy photos:

For further information contact : Denise Anderson, Tuxmedia: denise.anderson@tuxmedia.com


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