September 10, 2002

Fresh Open Source App Reviews: Gaim & Zoe - OS

Steve Mallett writes: "Got Game? I mean Gaim? We do. That and an email app called Zoe, for Linux and OS X, that does for email what Radio Userland does for the web.

Gaim >> All Platforms: Instant Messaging

"...Gaim also can support encrypted conversations (using the secure GPG), automatic reconnect, having your incoming messages read to you... I have yet to find a better IM client, and I've looked."

And from our new Watch List:

Zoe >> All Platforms: Email

Now, the Zoe website seems to go out of its way to indicate Zoe's infancy, but others think its running stable. Give it a try & chime in with your verdict.

We're also looking for reviews. If you've got your groove on for some app stop in & share its beauty with our readers."



  • Open Source
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