September 25, 2002

Fresh Open Source reviews: pyblosoxm and Amanda

Steve Mallett writes: Today has two sweet app reviews. Both from other bloggers. pyblosxom and Amanda. One to save your daily thoughts and muses and one to save your butt.

pyblosxom >> All Platforms: Weblogs (Blogs)

"..share your blosxom templates and data with pyblosxom. As easy as that. Cool. I'll have to try it out. That was easy. Python, yummy"

Amanda >> *nix: Backup

""...overall strategy is twofold: to complete a full backup of the data within each cycle and to be sure that all changed data has been backed up between full dumps

We've also launched a new feature called "Ask OSDir" where end-users can ask for software recommendations. Check it out too!



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