June 28, 2002

Freshwater Software's SiteScope to support Linux for Web system monitoring

Freshwater Software, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Interactive Corporation (Nasdaq: MERQ), the leading provider of enterprise testing and application performance management solutions, today announced the expansion of the Web system monitoring software SiteScope to include native support for Linux.
IT managers utilizing Linux can now monitor their mission-critical Web systems with SiteScope, the most flexible software for monitoring the widest variety of Web technologies for uptime and availability.

"Real estate transaction processing, which is our specialty, requires multiple processors to all be functioning reliably because our customer's business is dependent on our services," said GURU Networks CTO Paul Hill. "We use Linux systems for their ease of support, operational efficiency and improved security and SiteScope allows us to monitor 24/7 without having staff on-site."

SiteScope streamlines the management of complex Web systems into a single system. IT managers can select from 60 different monitor types, allowing them to customize how the monitors are displayed and establishing criteria for how and when alerts are issued. SiteScope also includes customizable reports that enable IT to view historical performance and gain better insight to their system's overall behavior. SiteScope is already being used by more than 3,700 companies that have it installed on UNIX and Microsoft platforms.

"SiteScope excels at delivering the ability to monitor a wide range of system components and network services," said Diane Hagglund, Director, Product Marketing, at Freshwater Software. "SiteScope for Linux reinforces our commitment to provide our customers with tools to solve their problems in the most flexible way, regardless of the specific technologies implemented."

SiteScope for Linux is immediately available starting at $1,995. SiteScope can be downloaded and installed within minutes, regardless of the number of servers being monitored. A fully functional evaluation version of SiteScope can be downloaded at www.freshwater.com.

SiteScope is monitoring software used by system and network administrators to ensure the availability of their mission critical Web systems. SiteScope includes more than 60 monitors that system administrators can tailor to their unique Web systems and a real-time alerting engine that ensures immediate notification of potential problems.

Freshwater Software, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Interactive Corporation provides real-time Web system monitoring solutions that are downloadable and easy-to-deploy, to ensure that business critical Web sites are available 24x7. Customers include America Online, Microsoft, Digex, Intel Online Services, Merrill Lynch, along with more than 3,700 other companies. For more information about Freshwater, please visit http://www.freshwater.com or call 303-443-2266.

SiteScope is a registered trademark of Freshwater Software. Product and company names are used herein for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.


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