September 6, 2001

FSMLabs RTLinux selected to provide 'hard' realtime for Red Hat Linux Systems

Author: JT Smith

Finite State Machine Labs, Inc, (FSMLabs) and Red Hat, Inc. announced today the formation of a new alliance to expand hard realtime processing capabilities for embedded systems and emerging technologies. Red Hat has selected FSMLabs' RTLinux as its standard hard realtime solution for its operating system, giving customers high performance realtime capabilities and a stable Linux operating system.

"This partnership allows both FSMLabs and Red Hat to focus on our core strengths while still giving customers a total package," said Victor Yodaiken, FSMLabs CEO. "FSM will be able to offer its customers a solid Linux environment based on standard Linux distribution, which Red Hat excels in providing, and still deliver the best in realtime system processing through RTLinux."

The RTLinux design provides a hard realtime operating system that runs concurrently with and enhances a general purpose operating system. This dual kernel system allows time-critical tasks to run with little interruption from other routine system functions instead of forcing general purpose operating systems into a cobbled together realtime compromise. RTLinux is an original, groundbreaking FSMLabs product that is not dependent on code fixes from the Internet community. When coupled with the flexibility and performance of Red Hat's Linux operating system, the ease in which Linux can be made part of an embedded system makes RTLinux extremely valuable.

"We felt that attempting to retrofit full realtime throughout a general purpose OS was going to give a poor general purpose OS with poor realtime support," said Alan Cox of Red Hat. "The beauty of RTLinux is that it gives us top-class hard realtime with only tiny modifications to the Linux kernel and almost no measurable performance impact."

Red Hat and FSMLabs have been mainstays in the Linux industry and are among the few companies still reporting stable and steady growth. Both companies have maintained successful track records in a volatile market, providing customers with a guarantee that their products will continue to be supported and enhanced for a great many years to come.


About FSMLabs, Inc.
FSMLabs was founded by the creators of RTLinux with the goal of extending speed and accuracy in the development of realtime and embedded systems. By developing systems that reduce complexity and unpredictability, we advance realtime state-of-the-art. By endorsing and promoting internationally recognized POSIX realtime standards, we help ensure ease of development and application portability. With engineering staff and technology partners worldwide, FSMLabs pursues solutions characterized by simplicity, robustness and precise design. For more information, email and visit

Monica Ortiz, FSMLabs PR

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