December 21, 2001

fsstress, another fs test program, for FreeBSD

Author: JT Smith

Anonymous Reader writes, "Another new filesystem test program was posted to the freebsd-hackers mailing list. This one, fsstress, was originally developed by SGI for XFS . Andi Kleen later modified it to work with non-XFS filesystems, too. Most recently, Matt Dillon modified it to compile under FreeBSD. (I compiled it without problems under Linux.) Matt has already used this program to find/fix another bug. He says, 'This one normally wouldn't occur too often. It happens when the filesystem syncing code is updating a VCHR vnode/inode. The vnode can get ripped out from under the ffs_update() code because the sync code doesn't lock or reference the vnode while running UFS_UPDATE() on it.' Kerneltrap has more here, including the GPL'd fsstress source code. More about the earlier fs test program 'fsx' can be found here."
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