February 7, 2004

FUD! Huh! What Is It Good For?

About every other day or so, I see a talkback or get and e-mail asking me why I deign to run "FUD/garbage/crap" on Linux Today.Good questions, those. There are times when I sit there and wince when I click on the Submit button to put a story in the queue, because I know it's going to cause a ruckus. There are also just as many times when I click the same button in fervent hopes that a ruckus will be started, because something stupid is going on and I think readers should know about it.

I have been told many times that a news site dedicated to the advancement of Linux and Open Source should not contribute space to the opinions of Rob Enderle and John Dvorak. Nor should it print the statements of SCO, or news about Microsoft's latest FUD tactics.

Much as I'd love to oblige all the wishes of LT's readers, that isn't going to happen.

Link: linuxtoday.com


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