November 3, 2003

The FUD Report: Why Outsourcing is not for you

Chuck Talk writes "In an effort to continue to push for outsourcing, a recent study has been touted as being a definitive measure of the benefits of outsourcing. As a person who is employed in the IT industry, I can honestly tell you that if you wish to reduce costs, you should outsource the most costly workers in our society Upper Management. Quite frankly, stockholders might actually be better off by outsourcing their jobs think of the billions upon billions of dollars saved if you were not paying the executives. Not only that, but you would have more employed workers who would actually buy products and improve the economy.

If you really want to reduce costs, the first place to start is at the top. The truth is that American CEOs and Executives are far better paid than their foreign public counterparts. The argument that you have to pay executives an exorbitant amount of money to attract and keep them is not sound. If that is the sole reason for a person to be in charge of a company, then perhaps it is time for companies to return to the habit of promoting from within. Executives have not suffered to the extent that the average worker whose labor contributes arguably more to the bottom line has.

Dedication to the company and to the financial well-being of fellow co-workers is what made American companies great in the past. It also ensured that the pool of entrepreneurs was fed by those that had the adventurous spirit, not merely those that saw the next big thing and ran to it seeking opportunities. The Internet Bubble economy was a perfect example of the Gold Rush Fever of the high-tech industry, one that was fed by the industry, the markets and the executives for the most part."



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