June 22, 2001

The future of Linux and Open Source, from an analyst's perspective

Author: JT Smith

"One of the most frequent questions from our clients is: When will Linux
- and, by implication, all open-source software (OSS) - be ready for
mission-critical production environments? Linux is receiving major
coverage from the trade press, nearly all favorable, and is being
strongly, and proactively, marketed by vendors. The debate about the
merits of OSS is now reaching a feverish pitch, with Microsoft defending
the commercial software model and arguing that intellectual property
rights will be severely threatened by the licensing practices advocated
by the Linux community. The advocates of OSS have, in return, hurled
abuse at Microsoft, claiming that its practices have been harmful and
damaging to the progress of IT and will no longer work in the new era of
open, Internet-based infrastructures. Users, developers and software
vendors are confused by the claims and counter-claims." More from The Gartner Group.


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