February 19, 2001

Future proof information systems

Author: JT Smith

Saint writes, "LinuxMedNews reports on Brainiac Thomas Beale's latest (HTML draft here, PDF draft http://www.deepthought.com.au/it/archetypes/archet ypes.pdf>here, Introduction here) of his take on 'Future Proof Information Systems': '...the usual legacy IS systems...have a limited lifespan and are expensive to modify and extend in order to accommodate changing needs...The approach proposed here is a rigorous knowledge-modelling one, and is founded on a basic tenet: the separation of domain and technical concerns in information systems. In real terms, this translates to:
The removal of domain concepts from concrete software and database models, into independently managed, standardised vocabularies and domain-specific models.
Re-engineering the software and database as a knowledge representation (KR) system architecture, designed to process information by using externally supplied domain definitions...'

Beal is project leader of the Good Electronic Health Record (GEHR)"


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