February 26, 2001

The future uv development (FUD)

Author: JT Smith

Dan Barber writes "A facetious look at one possible future: (These events are fictitious. Any resemblance to persons either real or imagined is purely coincidental. Please Do Not Panic!)

In the bedroom of a small house in rural Kansas:
Joe, a 23 year old developer who contributes regularly to the Katewatchee Office project in his free time, is just finishing up some work on the latest and greatest application to go in the next release. He is very excited about the improvements he has made and can't wait to add the source to the development tree. These improvements are the final step in making Katewatchee the pre-eminent, holographic 3d physical (H3P), web, watch, cell-phone, radio and nostril enabled office product in the world. At 17:25 (18:25 Zulu), he touches the wall establishing a connection to the Internet, securely connects to the source host server, and..."


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