August 9, 2001

Gaim: The game for AOL Instant Messaging on Linux

Author: JT Smith

"Last time I had looked at Licq, a solution for your ICQ needs on Linux. I was supposed to follow up the next with a review
of an AOL IM client. As you can see, I ended up taking a bit longer than a week! This week I take a look at a client that'll
help you keep in touch with all your "Buddys" on AOL Instant Messenger. Like with ICQ, the only official version
available is a Java client. Once again, the lack of an official native client is not much of a problem and there are several
Linux clones for you to choose from. The one that I am taking a look at is Gaim, a feature rich, easy to use and
lightweight client for AOL." More at


  • Linux
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