June 18, 2001

Galeon at a glance

Author: JT Smith

"Galeon is based on two classic philosophies: "Do one thing and do it well" and "Don't re-invent the wheel". Unlike Mozilla
or Netscape, Galeon is just a browser and not an Internet suite. With an interface built with GTK and the Gecko browsing
engine, it truly combines the best of both the worlds--a light interface and a fast browser. Since they don't bother with
re-inventing the wheel, i.e. writing a page-rendering engine, they have been able to come with an extremely attractive
alternative to Netscape/Mozilla. As they use the highly standards compliant and developed Gecko engine, Galeon can
view sites in all their glory, something which can't always be said for the alternative browsers out there." More at FreeOS.com.


  • Open Source
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