October 29, 2003

Game Designer Alan Emrich Comes To Cosmic Online

Peter Olotka writes "Game Designer Alan Emrich Comes to Cosmic Encounter Online
Cosmic Encounter Online presents the October Celebrity Cosmic Event
Date: Monday October 27
Time: 8 - 12 PM EST
Place: http://www.CosmicEncounter.com

Game designer Alan Emrich, who currently teaches Principles of Game Design at The Art Institute of California is the featured guest at Celebrity Cosmic for October.

Alan's website

Alan's Course using Cosmic week 6
http://www.alanemrich.com/class/Week_06/PGD_Week06 .htm

Alan is the deep thinker behind the Player Ranking system in Cosmic Online.
In honor of such deep thoughts, CE player status is measured in m-rics.

Player Rank

Alan will chat with Cosmic players in a "Meet and Beat" event, playing with different players in each game. He will also take part in the Monday night CEO League game at 9:00 PM EST.

Alan's Strategy Tips for Cosmic Encounter are currently featured in the Cosmic Lobby.

Celebrity Cosmic is now established as a regular monthly Cosmic Event following the highly successful event with Richard Garfield, Magic the Gathering Designer, in September.

Cosmic Encounter Online runs on Linux servers and is a browser based game friendly to Linux gamers."

Link: CosmicEncounter.com


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