Gaming on Linux – Will it ever become a reality?

Our last article covered the strides the Linux desktop is making towards acceptance in Joe Public’s computers, and the role Open Source applications play in that regard. But for the move to a new Operating System to be complete, there is one more factor that is crucial for the masses: and that is gaming. You may initially disregard gaming as an important factor, but bear in mind that we are not talking about business computing here, but for average home usage. Having the average user dual boot in Windows in order to play his/her favourite game is definitely not an option; creating a dual-boot system is out of reach for non-experienced users in the first place, and the hassle to reboot, login to the other Operating System, play a game, then reboot again in order to login to the other OS for do other tasks is simply too much for many people, including yours truly. So something needs to be done. The point is: can something be done?



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