Garbure: set of dedicated distributions


Author: La Ménagerie

mammique writes “La Ménagerie just started Garbure project : a collection of dedicated distributions. Each distribution provides you with carefully selected tools for a specific target domain, and is completed with examples and documentation.

It’s not ‘yet another distribution’ to grow hundred number of it. It aims to federate all those ‘lost’ individual projects we can find, by technical issues, look and feel, communities, efforts, ressources, hosting, and a lot more.

Target users is everybody working in specific tasks, and at the same time not really familiar with GNU/Linux fine tunning or its Free Software collections.

The set of distributions included in Garbure forms an entity, but each distribution works also on its own. They complement each other like tools in a toolbox or volumes of an encyclopedia.

Tools, documentation and examples are chosen, tested and if necessary created by people active in the target domain.

All elements are arranged in the same way for each distribution. If you are for example used to work with the ratatouille distribution for animation movies, you will be able to use burek dedicated to audiovisual performance without much extra effort. In addition, it will be easy to advise and demonstrate a distribution you are not familiar with to a friend who is working in another domain.

These distributions are intended to be used as work station. The installation and distribution media is the LiveCD, making it also useful for demonstration purposes, promotion, occasional usage or rescue system. Meta-package installation is planned. Ubuntu based installer is considered.

Currenly 5 distributions are available:

  • burek: audiovisual performance
  • galantine: desktop publishing
  • pho: video editing
  • ratatouille: animation movies
  • rollmops: web publishing