October 21, 2003

Gartner claims there are eight Linux desktop myths

AT A PRESENTATION here in Barcelona, a Gartner analyst gave out details of the "Mythical Penguicorn", that is to say eight myths of Linux on the

We will list the myths Federica Troni, a senior Gartner analyst, told the hundreds of PC system builders here at the conference.

1 Linux will be cheaper than Windows because StarOffice can be used instead of MS Office
2 Linux is free
3 No forced upgrades
4 Linux will require significantly less labour to manage
5 Linux will have a lower total cost of ownership than Windows because of available management tools
6 Hardware will be able to be kept longer if Linux is used or holder hardware can be used
7 Applications will be cheap or free
8 Transferable skills

Link: theinquirer.net


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