July 22, 2004

Gartner Encourages Realistic Desktop Linux Expectations

(Ed note: Realistic? I think Gartner mispelled FUD)

Excitement might be growing about the prospects for Linux on the desktop following several high-profile government contracts, but research firm Gartner Inc is injecting a dose of realism by playing down the potential for desktop Linux.

High-profile contracts with government organizations such as City of Munich in Germany have raised excitement about Linux on the desktop, with Gartner's prediction that 220 million PCs will be replaced in 2004 and 2005 adding fuel to the fire.

However, Gartner research VP, Brian Gammage, has cast doubt on how significant a percentage of those replacement PCs will be running the open source operating system. "I think it will be significant for the Linux vendors that's for sure, but we don't see them picking up any more than 5%," he said.

Link: ComputerWire

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