January 6, 2005

Geek wristwatches are latest terrorist fashion

Guest writes "For those who inspect their keychain before each flight to ensure that mini-leatherman
was safely stowed in the checked luggage to avoid TSA confiscation and those who have
found their L.E.D.
looks like a zip gun in their carry-on, TSA has found yet
another device of choice for wannabe shoe bombers. That multi-sensored Casio
on your wrist.

Seems those pesky terrorists have taken an interest in the altitude
function of your watch. Apparently the terrorists and Department of Homeland Security have
yet to realize that fancy wrist altimeter does not show an accurate
altitude in a pressurized cabin. Sure its great if you just want
to know if the pilot is ascending or descending, but the seat of your
pants or looking out the window is equally effective for that purpose.
It is also fun if you are the type of person entertained by a moving bargraph
on your wrist. If you are using it as a detonation device though you
may have to wait until your flight has landed below sea level for it to

At some point they may also realize those Casio watches are not only
more expensive, they are much harder to connect your average terrorist
device to than something like a surplus radiosonde
or a model
rocket altimeter
. (Apologies in advance to the already beleaguered rocket hobbyists and aspiring meteorologists.)

What will those creative terrorists come up with next? Hopefully no one
points out that with the GPS built into their cell
they will soon have the opportunity to make an in-flight
to their friends-and-family just before it triggers their
heavenly departure.

Read the MSNBC report here
and see what security expert Bruce Schneier has to say about this here."

Link: watchreport.com


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