November 2, 2004

GeekCast kicks off "Geek Politique" webcast

Jeff Gerhardt writes "

Geek Politique

The GeekCast Network announces Geek Politique a new webcast program to broadcast by The GeekCast Network.

Monday November 1st 2004, Chicago Illinois; GeekCast does Politics
From their Chicago broadcast facility, Jeff Gerhardt CEO of GeekCast Network Broadcasting and co-host of The Linux Show!! today announced the first edition show of Geek Politique, "it may be nuts to announce a brand new political show the day before a presidential vote, but we frankly think this is a wonderful opportunity to kick this show off the right way. With all the vitriol and hatred created by the present political season, we may be better off in the long run holding back so that we can be a fresh start to bridge people together, rather than push them further apart."

GeekCast is producing Geek Politique to specifically address the political issues from an IT industry and Geek reference. The focus will be towards regulations that impact the Internet, as well as the use and development of technologies. The program will be partisan, or maybe it would better be labeled as multi-partisan. " All the people that will be regulars and guests will be encouraged to be as partisan as they like, but in a factual way, and hopefully a friendly way, we are all geeks after all and as extreme as we may be on specific partisan issues, we have surprising agreement on technology issues. Speaking of that group of regulars, if you are a geek and have an interest in being one of the regulars on Geek Politique"

"We have significantly enhanced our technology over this year in preparation of adding more shows, Geek Politique being just the first" said Kevin Hill CTO of GeekCast. "In addition to our existing Open Source IceCast Servers, we have added the RealNetworks Helix technology and will be doing video as a part of the future of Geek Politique. In addition to the broadcast enhancements, we are finishing the shake out phase of deploying our Digium⢠based Asterisk PBX. Digium⢠is the primary developer and sponsor of Asteriskâ¢, an Open Source PBX. Digium⢠offers a variety of specially designed low and high density telephony hardware That have made Asterisk⢠such a good fit with broadcast. The addition of the Digium Hardware Technology and the Asterisk⢠Open Source PBX software will provide our network with dramatically expanded SIP phone capabilities. For the first time in over 7 years of operation we will be able to take live call-in questions from our listeners without risking the phone charges that would literally bankrupt us. Our experiences with The Linux Show have been a bit scary, the couple times we have opened our 800 number up to callers it has cost us hundreds of dollars per show over and above the existing cost to produce the show."

Geek Politique is tentatively schedule to broadcasts on alternating Wednesday nights until sponsors are found, and once that is accomplished will have a weekly schedule.

Tonights Kick Off, or shall we say inaugural show will be hosted by Jeff Gerhardt and will feature a discussion about the current bad state of the political climate and how that may impact on Geek issues.
Tonights Panel:

  • On The Right:
    • Eric S. Raymond- Well known Libertarian Geek
    • Tom Adelstein- Technology Pundit and Republican
  • On The Left:
    • Doc Searls- Editor of the Linux Journal and Political Maven
    • Andy Oram- Author Editor and Democrat

PLEASE Join us tonight for our kick off broadcast of Geek Politique at the URL

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