December 15, 2003

Gelato Takes 28 Slots in TOP500

Laurie Talkington writes "Gelato Federation Members and Sponsors Take 28 Slots in TOP500 Supercomputers. The Gelato Federation, Advancing Linux on Itanium, proudly announces that 10 of its 25 members plus two industry sponsors together took 28 slots in the 22nd edition of the TOP500 list of the worlds fastest supercomputers. The TOP500 was announced November 16 by the universities of Tennessee (USA), Mannheim (Germany), and NERSC at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (USA) in association with Supercomputing2003. Gelato Members scored 8 slots with Itanium2 systems, while Gelato Sponsors scored another 4 slots with the Itanium2 architecture. The TOP500 Gelato members (with their ranks, systems, number of processors, and maximum performance rating according to the LINPACK benchmark) are:

4 NCSA, USA, Poweredge 1750, P4 Xeon,
                Dell, 2500, 9819
5 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,
                USA, Integrity rx2600 Itanium2 Quadrics,
                HP, 1396, 8633
12 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, USA AlphaServer SC45, HP, 3016, 4463
NCAR/National Center for Atmospheric
                Research, USA, pSeries 690 Turbo, IBM, 1600, 4184
35 NCSA, USA, TeraGrid, Itanium2, IBM, 512,
80 NCAR/National Center for Atmospheric
                Research, USA, SP Power3, IBM, 1260, 1382
102 University of Houston, Integrity rx2600
                Itanium2, HP, 304, 1137
137 UCSD/San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA SP Power3, IBM, 1152, 929
171 UCSD/San Diego Supercomputer Center, USA TeraGrid Cluster Itanium2, IBM, 252, 798
180 Ohio Supercomputer Center, USA,
                Integrity zx6000 Itanium2, HP, 256, 762
195 NCSA, USA, PSeries 690 turbo, IBM, 384, 708
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,
                USA, SGI Altix, SGI, 128, 652
259 NCSA, USA, Netfinity Cluster PIII, IBM, 1024, 594
283 ID-IMAG/INRIA, France, Integrity rx2600
                Itanium2, HP, 208, 561
354 KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden Integrity rx2600 Itanium2, HP, 180, 489
355 Rice University, USA, Integrity zx6000
                Itanium2, HP, 174, 487
*Maximum performance based on the LINPACK benchmark.

The Gelato Sponsor known as Energy Company took two slots in the TOP100, ranking at 25 and 77, both with Itanium2-based machines from Hewlett-Packard running Linux. Gelatos Founding Sponsor, the Hewlett-Packard Company, took 10 slots in the top 500: two are Itanium2-based machines, which came in at the 252 and 269 spots. With a total of 165 systems in the TOP500, Hewlett-Packard led the list for the fourth consecutive time as vendor of the largest number of HPC systems. The complete TOP500 List is at:

Itanium Scores Additional Spots in TOP500
According to Intel, Inc., (Nov. 16, 03) the Itanium2 architecture accounted for a total of 32 spots on the TOP500, an increase of 68 percent since last Junes list. They include an Itanium system of the Chinese Academy of Science, runn
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Contact: Laurie Talkington


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