October 10, 2003

Genestia Group, Inc released a major upgrade to Neoxen Qwinux

Neoxen Info writes "Press Release - 10/10/2003

Genestia Group, Inc, a provider of system software, business development and process improvement solutions, has today released R4.2.0 of Neoxen Qwinux - the comprehensive distribution of `best-in-class' Open Source tools compiled and certified for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This new release is especially targeted for trainers and consultants

The previous release of Neoxen Qwinux was a major success. More than 5.000 copies were downloaded during the very first days from the main download site only. Approximately 20.000 copies have been downloaded since.

Neoxen Qwinux R4.2.0 contains more development tools, integrated development environments for C++ and C#, and almost all the previous packages have been upgraded. More documentation has been added, most importantly to MinGW compiler environment. Furthermore, Neoxen Qwinux R4.2.0 Standard Edition is now available also as individual module distributions. This new feature is a major convenience factor for the existing users. All the product modules can be downloaded and updated separately.

As an established and comprehensive Open Source distribution Neoxen Qwinux is designed to meet the needs of professional developers, consultants and trainers as a definite source of free-to-use programming tools, compilers and documentation brought to Microsoft Windows environment. It is formatted in easy-to-read HTML and it provides the most comprehensive selection of 'best-in-class', ready-to-install software and documentation composed into a single unified distribution.

Neoxen Qwinux is designed for project groups, systems integrators, independent software vendors, trainers and consultants. It is a valuable asset for rapid transition from one platform solutions to concurrent Windows and Linux programming.

"Similarly to the previous release, R4.2.0 is built as a Web site on a CD, which allows you to set it up directly into your intranet for online access", says Esa Tervo, Chief Executive Officer and CTO at Genestia Group, Inc. "Excellent knowledgebase features have been extended and updated making it a great learning and teaching tool. It forms a solid foundation for professional training and education purposes, still providing all the tools for seasoned developers. Neoxen Qwinux adds great value to our customers and it complements our other offerings, such as Neoxen QX Framework and Neoxen Modus. This release is again a step towards to our vision and a firm sign of our commitment to bring Windows and Linux closer to each other."

Neoxen Qwinux R4.2.0 Standard Edition is available directly from the vendor as a free download. Neoxen Qwinux R4.2.0 Professional Edition delivered on a CD-ROM can be purchased online. For more information about availability, licensing, upgrade policy and other sales related matters, please contact sales@neoxen.com.

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