June 11, 2003

Genestia Group, Inc released Neoxen Qwinux

Genestia Group, Inc - Neoxen Systems writes
"As the first product of its kind, Neoxen Qwinux is a unique professional distribution designed to meet the needs of all developers as the most comprehensive Open Source programming resource available for Microsoft Windows. It is formatted in easy to read HTML and provides the most comprehensive selection of 'best-in-class' tools and documentation composed into a single unified distribution. Neoxen Qwinux distribution CD-ROM brings a chosen set of the leading Open Source programming & productivity tools to your Windows desktop. These include the likes of wxWindows, Python, Perl, Inno Setup, CVS, Doxygen, Ghostscript, and WinGW, which again contains most of the proven GNU tools compiled for Windows. Not only does this release give the users access to all the software ready-to-install and ready-to-run, but it also is the ultimate source of information.

Neoxen Qwinux is designed for project groups, systems integrators and independent software vendors for rapid transition from one platform solutions to concurrent Windows and Linux programming.

R4.1.2 is built as a Web site on a CD, which allows you to set it up directly into your intranet for online access, says Esa Tervo, Chief Executive Officer and CTO at Genestia Group, Inc. This release is also a superb knowledgebase containing huge amount of selected documentation in the formats of your choice, such as HTML, Compiled HTML and PDF. Neoxen Qwinux and the forthcoming value adding releases are important steps in our strategy to bring Windows and Linux development closer to each other for common benefit.

Neoxen Qwinux R4.1.2 Lite is available directly from the vendor as a free download and as a free online service. Neoxen Qwinux R4.1.2 Pro delivered on a CD-ROM can be purchased online. For more information about availability, licensing, upgrade policy and other sales related matters, please contact sales@neoxen.com.

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Neoxen Qwinux:

About Genestia Group
Genestia Group, Inc - Neoxen Systems is an internationally operating software and consultancy company producing new generation of software development products, and solutions for ICT process improvement. The Neoxen product family covers areas from business and technology development to state-of-the-art software production tools. Our unique offerings enable our users to innovate and create software solutions and business applications with extreme ease and efficiency. Solutions based on our award winning Neoxen Technology are used to design, implement, build and distribute applications for in-house and commercial use. In addition we provide Professional Services for our corporate customers, including consultancy, implementation, integration, customization and training.

Our vision is to enable a new era in software technology, where our customers have the freedom to instantly create applications, deploy them on any platform, and integrate and manage them across the enterprise. The Global Village needs solutions to help its people to work more efficiently and faster with less effort than ever before."

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