January 3, 2010

Gentoo Linux Security Advisory 201001-02 (Normal): adobe-flash

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Adobe Flash Player:
  • An anonymous researcher working with the Zero Day Initiative reported that Adobe Flash Player does not properly process JPEG files (CVE-2009-3794).
  • Jim Cheng of EffectiveUI reported an unspecified data injection vulnerability (CVE-2009-3796).
  • Bing Liu of Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs reported multiple unspecified memory corruption vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3797, CVE-2009-3798).
  • Damian Put reported an integer overflow in the Verifier::parseExceptionHandlers() function (CVE-2009-3799).
  • Will Dormann of CERT reported multiple unspecified Denial of Service vulnerabilities (CVE-2009-3800)...
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