Gentoo Linux Security Advisory 201001-08 (High): squirrelmail


Multiple vulnerabilities were found in SquirrelMail:

  • Niels Teusink reported multiple input sanitation flaws in certain encrypted strings in e-mail headers, related to contrib/decrypt_headers.php, PHP_SELF and the query string (aka QUERY_STRING) (CVE-2009-1578).
  • Niels Teusink also reported that the map_yp_alias() function in functions/imap_general.php does not filter shell metacharacters in a username and that the original patch was incomplete (CVE-2009-1381, CVE-2009-1579).
  • Tomas Hoger discovered an unspecified session fixation vulnerability (CVE-2009-1580).
  • Luc Beurton reported that functions/mime.php does not protect the application’s content from Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) positioning in HTML e-mail messages (CVE-2009-1581)…

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