June 9, 2004

Gentoo Not-For-Profit Paperwork Complete

The paperwork for the Gentoo Not-For-Profit entity was approved by the
State of New Mexico today. This means that as of today, the Gentoo
Foundation is an official Not-For-Profit Corporation in the United
States. The process of becoming a Federally-recognized not-for-profit
entity, which will take about six months for approval, can now begin.
Sven Vermeulen has been tasked with drafting a charter for the newly
approved Gentoo Foundation. Assets of Gentoo Technologies, Inc. such
as the gentoo.org domain, can now be transferred to the Gentoo
Foundation. We're glad to see all the hard work that has been put into
this process giving some positive results and would like to thank
Daniel Robbins and all of the trustees for their hard work.

Link: gentoo.org


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