June 13, 2003

German Penguins Launch Successful Counter-Attack in SCO vs Linux War

Reader writes

"German penguins call SCO-Caldera' bluff. MozillaQuest Magazine's (mozillaquest.com) Mike Angelo discusses the German injunctions with Univention's Peter H. Ganten, first to enjoin SCO's anti-Linux FUD. Leading the Penguin counter-attack on SCO, Univention GmbH and Tarent GmbH obtained preliminary injunctions from the Bremen and Munich Regional Courts - prohibiting SCO-Caldera from circulating "the idea that the Linux Operating System illegitimately acquired and contains the Intellectual Property of SCO UNIX and/or that the end users of LINUX can be made liable for patent/copyright infringements against SCO's intellectual Properties.

Link: http://mozillaquest.com


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