February 29, 2004

Get a free listing in gov't open source reference -- but hurry!

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

The deadline for the Open Source Reference Book 2004 published by The Center of Open Source and Government is March first. Listings are free, and almost any kind of open source-oriented business, non-profit group or open source project qualifies for inclusion.According to the Center's Web site and email sent to us by director Tony Stanco, the following types of organizations are invited to apply:

  • Open Source companies
  • Open Source vendors
  • Open Source integrators
  • Open Source consultants
  • Open Source resellers
  • Open Source government projects/policies
  • Open Source corporate projects/policies
  • Open Source community projects
  • Open Source academic/national laboratory projects

Stanco also wrote, "This reference book will be distributed to the attendees of the Open Source
in Government conference.
It will be used as a 'yellow pages' for government
officials looking to use or develop open source projects, of which there
will be a significant increase this year."

This is a great opportunity for businesses large and small, as well as non-profit groups and academic projects, to connect with potential open source users within the U.S. government and, possibly, with agencies within local and state governments, as well as with governments of other countries, since previous eGovOS conferences have had a significant number of attendess from abroad.

But remember: You must apply for inclusion by March 1, so if you are going to be included you need to act quickly or you will be left out (until next year).

The URL is www.egovos.org/Book. The forms are simple and self-explanatory, and if you're part of an established open source business, project, community group or academic venture you already have all the requested information in hand and just need to paste it in, which should only take you a minute or two.


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