Get Maguma Workbench for less!

Maguma writes “Get Maguma Workbench for less! Christmas is the time for sharing and the time for bidding! Maguma is offering Maguma Workbench (core product) up for bid on Ebay. You can walk away with our Modular PHP IDE for as little as 75 Euros.

Maguma will be holding four auctions at a time throughout the month of December for you to bid on. We will provide direct links and to the bids from this page as well as list the dates of the auctions: NOTE: each auction will last only 3 days so get in there and bid!

Our first December week auctions will begin on:

    Auction 1:

  • Dec-08 09:45:00 to Dec-11 09:45:00
  • Auction 1
    Auction 2:

  • Dec-09 01:00:00 to Dec-12 01:00:00
  • Auction 2
    Auction 3:

  • Dec-10 07:15:00 to Dec-13 07:15:00
  • Auction 3
    Auction 4:

  • Dec-11 13:00:00 to Dec-14 13:00:00
  • Auction 4

PLEASE NOTE: auctions may not be viewable until their start date

Good Luck on bidding and Make it your Workbench!”