Get Practical Advice for Enterprise Open Source in Free Ebook from The Linux Foundation


When it comes to running and managing open source in the enterprise, experience-driven advice counts for a lot. It is very likely that your organization already runs open source, but many organizations make the mistake of reacting to the open source ecosystem instead of adopting a proactive strategy that is optimized for success. That’s where the free Enterprise Open Source ebook comes in.

This new 45-page ebook from The Linux Foundation provides a practical approach to establishing an open source strategy by outlining the actions your enterprise can take to accelerate its open source efforts. The information is based on more than two decades of professional, enterprise open source usage and development and will be most beneficial to software engineering executives, development managers, compliance experts, and senior engineers involved in enterprise open source activities.

“The availability of enterprise grade open source software is changing the way organizations develop and deliver products,” the book notes. “The combination of a transparent development community and access to public source code enables organizations to think differently about how they procure, implement, test, deploy, and maintain software. This has the potential to offer a wealth of benefits, including reduced development costs, faster product development, higher code quality standards, and more.”

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