Get Ready for Netbooks with Intel Atom N450 Processor, Coming Jan. 11, 2010

Article Source MoblinZone Blog
December 5, 2009, 10:38 am

We finally have a ship date for Atom N450-based netbooks: Jan. 11, 2010. This is great news for anyone shopping for a netbook — and who is patient enough to wait another month!

According to the online news source Digitimes,

Asustek Computer, Acer, Lenovo and even Micro-Star International (MSI), which originally planned to launch in December, are all set to launch their Atom N450-based netbooks on January 11, 2010, complying with their agreement with Intel to only launch the products after January 10.

The story says that netbooks will be available with both Moblin and Windows.

Originally, netbooks based on the Atom N450 “Pineview” processor were expected to be released in Oct. 2009, but we learned in June that the systems would be delayed to early 2010. You can’t get much earlier than Jan. 11!