July 9, 2007

Get Real or How NOT To Convert Your Grandma to Linux

Last week Iââ¬â¢d been given a chance to make minor language correction to the article Understanding the Common User: All should be simple as it can, which suggested that Linux nerds should look down at beginners with care and empathy. If itââ¬â¢s stated this way, I canââ¬â¢t agree more. What Iââ¬â¢m not so sure about is the assumption, that we (the nerds) should really convince everyone in the world that Linux is easy to use and that virtually everyone can be taught to use it. This very article, inspired by the former one, deals with how to treat people that know nothing about Linux, how to teach them what Linux is about and how not to do it to wrong people.

Link: polishlinux.org


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