November 20, 2003

Get Up, Stand Up! Stand Up For Your Rights!

Chuck Talk writes"As first reported on Slashdot, it seems that the Free Software Foundation is now seeking the vouchers for Microsoft?s Antitrust settlement with the State of California. Residents who wish to donate their vouchers should click here.

If you believe that freedom is important and you live within the settlement area (California), please donate to the FSF your vouchers and any other assistance that you can. Microsoft apparently take that threat seriously as the act of typing in in Internet Explorer will not resolve to the Free Software Foundation as it should (Hey I have to use a Windows box at my client site - that's life).

You may also purchase FSF software or become an Associate Member of the Free Software Foundation. If Microsoft can spend millions backing a proxy battle against the Free Software Foundation and the GNU General Public License, then we should be able to use the vouchers from their antitrust settlement in ways that make sense to send a clear message to the software giant and its associates.

If the government is unwilling to act, then we are free to act in ways that voice our concerns and show our displeasure with the settlement. The public does not deserve to be treated rudely by boorish charlatans who proclaim their hatred of freedom on a daily basis."



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