July 16, 2002

Getting and installing command-line PGP for Linux

Author: JT Smith

"This help file is to show Linux users in the United States how to get, install, and get started with the Pretty Good Privacy program.

Many PGP users, like me, have wondered why the whole world does not flock to using the program and why it has not become a "killer app." In the December
2001 WIRED magazine (p. 52) WIRED asked Phil Zimmermann, PGP creator, "...few people use PGP today. Why is that?" Here is part of his response. "I
think the biggest problem is ease of use." It takes effort to get the program and to learn how to use it.

PGP takes a minimum of two to tango. I hope that if this article gets you started with PGP that you will take it upon yourself to teach at least one
other person to use Pretty Good Privacy."

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