May 11, 2005

Getting the best of Ubuntu

Chua Wen Kiat writes "If you have been using Linux, you should have heard/tried Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a great Distro... but did you ever got frustrated on...
-taking too much time when setting up additional applications for Ubuntu
-apt-get is a beauty, but it is not when your internet connection is slow
-you do not have internet connection to start with
-problems with offline/slow repository servers? What would you do then? Wait?

For Desktop users, you would definitely need more applications...

Now, there's an Unofficial Ubuntu Add-On CD to Ubuntu 5.04 x86 Install CD (Hoary Hedgehog) that will custom install most of the needed applications with a script (without internet connection):

How to install and setup Ubuntu 5.04 the fastest way (offline)? count=1"

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