Gigahertz processor roundup, Linux style!


Author: JT Smith

Augustus writes: has just posted what may be the first 100% totally Linux head-to-head CPU review. In this review, both the Athlon and Pentium III is reviewed for stability, performance, value, and the ability to be overclocked. “As usual, the PC market keeps progressing and it’s been months since your last processor upgrade. You’ve been wondering where to go for that next speed boost that you’ve been saving up for. So where do you go from where you are? You have two companies to choose from for the biggest bang for your buck and each of those companies have two choices of processors. So AMD or Intel? If you’re budget minded, Duron or Celeron? If your going for pure power, Pentium III/4 or Athlon? The answers to your questions follow as we analyze where each company is at at the gigahertz mark. Who’s got the best processor for the gigahertz upgrade?””


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