March 30, 2004

The GIMP 2.0 for Microsoft Windows - First Look

Anonymous Reader writes

"The GIMP 2.0 for the Microsoft Windows operating systems is now available. The GIMP developers released the GIMP 2.0 source code on 23 March 2004. We just took a very quick look at GIMP 2.0 for MS Windows. So far it looks great.

The most immediately noticeable improvement in GIMP 2.0 over the preceding GIMP 1.x versions is the look and feel of the GIMP . . . user interface. Another major and noticeable GIMP 2.0 improvement is the Text Tool particularly the capability to edit text layers at later stages of work. You have lots of user interface and desktop arrangement choices with GIMP 2.0. . . . you can choose to dock some or all of the dialog boxes, put them in combination dialog boxes, or have them opened independently and spread all over your monitor display."


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