December 29, 2003

The GIMP - free photograph & digital-image editor

The GIMP does not require any product activation nonsense nor does it require product registration.

If there were no other reason to chose the GIMP over Adobe Photoshop CS, not having to put up with the Adobe product activation mechanism would be
more than reason enough to chose the GIMP!

There are many reasons why Adobe product activation is a bad thing. Discussion of all the bad and obnoxious things about Adobe product activation is
beyond the scope of today's article. However, a word of caution to anyone who is considering installing Adobe Photoshop CS on a computer system.

The Adobe product activation mechanism that Photoshop places on your system can shut down Photoshop until such time as Adobe decides to let you use
your own software that you bought and paid for. In other words, Adobe, not you, ultimately is in control of your Photoshop application.


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