September 9, 2014

Git Bounty Wants To Help Open-Source Programmers Get Paid For Bug Fixes

If youâre using open-source software, youâve probably come across a bug that you want to fix but donât have the expertise to do it yourself â and the original author isnât all that interested in fixing it. With Git Bounty, which was dreamed up by a team of French Canadians (and one Frenchman) from Montreal at our Disrupt SF hackathon this weekend, you can incentivize open-source programmers to fix those bugs for you. Git Bounty lets you pick a bug you need fixed, set a reward and then publicize it.


The hackers (Angus MacIsaac, Adam Burvill, Anton Shevchenko, Nathan Boiron, Martin Coulombe), which all work together at Montreal development shop Osedea, told me that they came up with the idea on Friday night before the event.

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