GitHub Pours Energies into Enterprise – Raises $100 Million From Power VC Andreessen Horowitz



Andreessen Horowitz is investing an eye-popping $100 million into GitHub, the ever popular repository for developers to post code and collaborate.

It’s GitHub’s first infusion of venture capital.Co- founder Tom Preston Warner said the round will go to developing GitHub Enterprise, a server side version of

Since its debut in 2008, GitHub has become an astonishingly popular Web destination, emerging as the social network for developers.

Warner said a search has been underway for a venture round. Andreessen Horowitz was just the right fit. In our interview today, Warner specifically referred to a post written by Marc Andreesen in the pages of the Wall Street Journal titled: Why Software is Eating the World. Andreesen argues that entre industries are getting eaten up by software. From movies to agriculture to national defense, the word is getting eaten by technology companies, most of which are from San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

“These guys fit as what we see as a future vision for GitHub,” Warner said.

As part of the deak, GitHub will bring on Andreessen Horowitz Partner Peter Levine as a board member. Levine was the founder of XenSource, the virtualization technology company acquired by Citrix in 2007. Levine brings intimate knowledge of the role virtualization plays in the enterprise. That’s a critical factor, considering the importance that virtualization plays in corporate enterprise environments.

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