GitLab Container Registry


Yesterday we released GitLab 8.8, super powering GitLab’s built-in continuous integration. With it, you can build a pipeline in GitLab, visualizing your builds, tests, deploys and any other stage of the life cycle of your software. Today (and already in GitLab 8.8), we’re releasing the next step: GitLab Container Registry.

GitLab Container Registry is a secure and private registry for Docker images. Built on open source software, GitLab Container Registry isn’t just a standalone registry; it’s completely integrated with GitLab.

GitLab is all about having a single, integrated experience and our registry is no exception. You can now easily use your images for GitLab CI, create images specific for tags or branches and much more. Our container registry is actually the first Docker registry that is fully-integrated with Git repository management and comes out of the box with GitLab 8.8. 

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