December 1, 2003

Give Linux a try, but be warned -- it's seductive

An operating system is the collection of software programs that runs computers, including your PC. Once upon a time, it seemed like it was inevitable
that everyone would use Microsoft software everywhere. How things can change in a few short years.

The increasing utility and usability of Linux have caused many people to take a serious look at it. Those looks have led to an explosion in the use of
Linux. The robustness and openness of this 12-year-old software phenomenon are well known in the computing community. Uptimes of more than a year are
considered unremarkable when a computer is running Linux.

Originally used mostly as a server platform, Linux has improved so much over the past couple of years that many companies are now looking to deploy it
on the desktop. The GUI, or graphical user interface, has improved in usability and looks. Its increasing ease of use and simplified installation and
configuration are making it more attractive for home desktops, too.



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