October 12, 2007

Giving Microsoft a voice...and you

Given what an ardent critic of Microsoft I can be, it might be surprising that the Open Source Business Conference will feature a keynote from Brad Smith, Microsoft's General Counsel. I invited Brad to take our "footnote" slot that Clay Christensen, Eben Moglen, Geoffrey Moore, and others have held. It's our prime slot, and Brad will fill it well.
Why let Microsoft speak? For one, because I've always felt Microsoft had more to give to open source than to take from it. This is why Bill Hilf has been on the OSBC advisory board since its formation, and has done excellent work for the conference.
But also because I'm tired of the whisper campaigns and backlash (including in this blog) that has come to constitute the industry's debate between Microsoft and open source. I invited Brad to keynote because I doubt anyone else could put forward Microsoft's position more succinctly or intelligently. He's a great person and a razor-sharp lawyer.

Link: blogs.cnet.com


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