April 7, 2006

Glimpses of LinuxWorld

Author: Robin 'Roblimo' Miller

BOSTON, MASS -These are short "impromptu" videos I shot at OSTG's Slashdot Lounge in the middle of the ORG pavilion at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Their purpose is to help you put faces (and voices) to people whose names you often see on this site and others -- and one or two people who just happened to be in the vicinity and looked like they might have something to say, too.Joe Brockmeier interviews Miguel de Icaza. The story that resulted from this interview will appear separately under Joe's byline.

Linux networking guru Don Becker chats with Lulu.tv (and former Red Hat) engineer James McDermott.

Meet MySQL head database architect Brian Aker.

Tom came to LinuxWorld because he's unemployed, has time on his hands, and is looking for a job. He was sitting quietly in the Slashdot Lounge when someone (me) pointed a camcorder at him.

Pat McGovern talks up Splunk.

Susan is a Novell PR person -- and unlike many PR people for Linux and open source companies, she actually uses Linux every day. Go, Susan!

Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda tells you who hates Slashdot most.

Don Marti, former Linux Journal editor, is now with spikesource, but he's here to promote a *very cool* event that deserves (and will get) a story of its own.

Alexandru Balan came here from Romania. He's a product manager for bitdefender -- and he likes drinking beer more than hanging around a trade show.

Dr. David Shields of IBM tells how he got IBM to allow Slashdot to use the "IBM" logo. (Cameo appearance by Bruce

OSTG Marketing VP Valerie Williamson warms up the crowd for the first annual SourceForge.net Community Choice Awards. (The results are here.)

LinuxToday/LinuxPlanet editor
James Turner
tells you what he thinks of LinuxWorld.


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