January 15, 2004

The Global Ability Initiative announces switch to Open Source

Einar Petersen, Project Manager writes "PRESS RELEASE Jan 14 - 2004
Globability.org is proud to announce that we have taken the first steps
onto the open source arena on behalf of The Global Ability Initiative.
With the release of Little-T, a training application geared toward
aphasia rehabilitation, the group is turning the page to an exciting new
chapter in the developmental history of it's cost-free software for the
disabled. The move to open source will enable programmers globally to
actively participate in the continued development of completely
cost-free software for a plethora of disabled people. Current and new
software is placed on the web for download, freely available and without
charge to users anywhere in the world. For more information visit
http://globability.org - Freedom in self reliance"

Link: globability.org

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