GNOME 1.4.1 beta1 released


Author: JT Smith

The first point release of the GNOME 1.4 platform is now in beta1. This
is a first step towards a 1.4.1 release which will be out in 4-6 weeks
if all goes well. Since this is the stable platform we have not focused
on releasing new technology this time. The release contains many updated
packages since the 1.4 release this spring and will make sure the users
have a nice place to do their work while waiting for 2.0.

The packages that have been updated are too numerous to mention here,
but it's all well worth a try.

The fist beta will last around two weeks and then there will be a new
beta (or release candidate if no big problems show up) which will last
for another week or two before the final release.

Please report any problems in the core packages to

Bugs in packages not found in should be reported to
their respective maintainers and the bug tracking systems used by these

The bits are at:

Have fun...

Kjartan Maraas


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