February 1, 2002

Gnome to be based on .Net

Author: JT Smith

ickusslime points us an article at the Register: "How much do you love Microsoft's .NET? Enough to trust your Gnome
applications to its APIs in the future?

That's what Gnome leader Miguel de Icaza, believes should happen." Here's ickusslime's commentary: "Apparently de Icaza head of Ximian is plant by Micorsoft to push Open Source Developers into a Proprietary developement platform. you can get the story here at the register. Maybe one should look to see where Ximian is getting its funding.. My question is-- Is Microsoft trying to undermine the Free Software movement buy planting a Development companY under the guise of a open Source only to have all the licenses changed????? Does that make sense? looks that way to me..... look into it."


  • Open Source
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