June 19, 2001

GNOME Foundation board member extends an olive branch in controversy

Author: JT Smith

- by Tina Gasperson -
In an effort to end the heated discussions and hurt feelings in the GNOME developers community, Havoc Pennington has posted what he calls the GNOME Enhancement Procedure, a document designed to "describe the procedure for reviewing changes that impact the entire GNOME Project, and give recommendations for how to review changes within modules."He's also created a brand new mailing list, gnome-enhancement-announce@gnome.org, designed to handle announcement of the types of API enhancements that would be subject to the review mentioned above.

On Saturday, one of the GNOME 2.0 release coordinators let loose with some bad words and ill will on the developers list, stating in fairly certain terms his intention to take his ball and go home. Evidently, the spat surfaced when coders got tired of a decision-making process for architectural changes that consists of "whoever manages to commit to gnome-libs last," to quote one frustrated programmer.

There were also rumors of increasing corporate disrespect from commercial GNOME companies for the volunteer community, and a general disdain for the perceived attitudes of the employees of these companies. So far there has been no public response from Ximian.


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