GNOME is looking for your best screenshots


Author: JT Smith

By Tina Gasperson
The GNOME Web team is working on a brand new GNOME Web site. The site is scheduled to go live in the next couple of months, and in the meantime, the team wants everyone to send in their GNOME 1.4 screenshots for possible display on the new site.”We’d like to see what people’s desktops *actually* look like, so whatever people have [in the way of screenshots] is fine,” writes Joakim Ziegler, head of the GNOME Web team, in a post to the gnome-announce mailing list. “I expect we’ll receive a lot of different stuff, and that’s good.”

The site redesign has been in the works now since November 2000. Many changes are planned, and both design and code-wise, the project seems to be a start-from-scratch operation. The GNOME web team plans to code the site in PHP instead of WML, which will “make things easier to update, resulting in more updates,” says Ziegler.

The update will also address some problems with W3 validation, and should boast a more streamlined, uniform design structure that ties together the various subsets of the GNOME Web site, such as,, and Localization of the sites is also a high priority on the to-do list.

GNOME 1.4 users who want to strut their desktop stuff should send a URL and a description to In case you need a few ideas to spur you on, the current GNOME site has a small section of screenshots located at


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