August 15, 2001

Gnotella downloads exceed 3.8 million

Author: JT Smith

PRNewswire: "The month of July saw an additional 486,205 downloads of Gnotella version
0.9.9, as well as 156,219 downloads of the new version 1.0, released on
July 26, 2001, for a total of 642,424 downloads in the month of July alone.
Also in July, there were 1,760,493 page views of the
website, which was updated with the release of version 1.0 to include
additional information and forums in which users may exchange questions and
Released on March 2, 2001, version 0.9.9 of the Gnotella P2P application
had been downloaded a total of 2,626,674 times directly from the
Web Site."
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